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Water cooled screw unit

Color blue
Model LSBLG340

Applicable area: over 1000m2

Applicable place: hotel, shopping mall, office building, factory and other places.

Characteristics of the product: The product has a high energy efficiency ratio and it is small in size by adopting advanced structure design and reasonable system matching degree. It is convenient and energy efficient with capacity adjustment and flexible starts and stops. It has powerful control function by adopting large touching screen. It also has the troubleshooting and other functions. The units can operate safely and steadily with multiple safety precautions.   

Ground   Source   Heat   Pump   Performance Parameters R22(Dry-type)
Cooling CapacitykW180220270355430486540600700
Cooling PowerKW354150678089100110132
100% Cooling Load EER5.
Heat CapacitykW194238292383464524583648756
Heating PowerkW45556889106120135145168
100% Heating Load EER4.
Max operating currentA121124171220268298315355393
Energy control range25%~100%
Cooling cycle1
Compressor Quantity1
Compressor TypeSemi-closed twin screw
Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz380/3/50
Evaporator connection pecificationDN80DN80DN100DN100DN100DN100DN125DN125DN125
Condenser connection specificationDN80DN100DN100DN100DN100DN100DN125DN125DN50
Partial heat recoverykW364454718697108120138
Partial hot water recovery pressure dropkPa262626262827272728
Operating weight (standard type)kg200022002310240024802650300034003800
Noise(standard type)dB(A)696969697070737373
Notices: 1) Standard working condition of cooling capacity and condenser consumption power : water inputting temperature of condenser: 18/29   ºC,water inputting temperature of evaporator: 12/7ºC;Standard working condition of heating capacity and condenser consumption power : water inputting temperature of condenser: 40/45   ºC,water inputting temperature of evaporator: 15/7ºC;
             2) Full heat recovery and partial heat recovery standard working condition:   water inputting temperature of condenser: 40ºC, water inputting        temperature of evaporator: 12ºC
             3) Standard water side pressure bearing capacity of condenser, evaporator, heat recovery 1.0MPa,   fouling factor 0.086m 2ºCkw.
             4)Data in this table are subject to change without prior notice.